White Mountain Endurance strives to create an inclusive community where runners of all abilities can play together on the trail.  We want the first and last runner at each event to feel welcome.  By creating a playful atmosphere on challenging terrain with an fun post race party that stays open after the last person crosses the finish line we dream of building a community in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

We strongly believe in Leave No Trace Ethics and the power of education in reducing the impact and rescues on the trails.  By offering Wilderness First Aid courses we hope to reduce the number of rescues Fish and Game has to contend with each year.  Being able to self rescue or help another in need is an important part of being a good trail steward.

We definitely love a good race party but we also put 100% of ourselves into creating the safest environment we can for our runners.  Behind the scenes we are constantly striving to make each races safer and to continue our education on medical emergencies that can occur during races such as the ones we offer.

Our mission is to showcase the mountains we love and train in while building a community of runners who care about the environment and each other.

Kristina Folcik - Owner/Race Director

Kristina Folcik is a mountain/ultra runner and founded Rockhopper Races LLC in 2018.  After racing around the country she has wants to bring some of the West Coast flair and Southern charm to the East Coast which offers challenging terrain and a remote feel.  

Her goal is to create an atmosphere that is welcoming to all abilities from the back of the pack runner to the speedsters dueling for the win.

She is also passionate about educating runners on Leave No Trace Ethics, Wilderness First Aid and being good stewards for the trail/mountain running community.

Kristina loves to have fun and brings a playful attitude to the races.  After all, racing should be fun!

Rem Stone - Race Director

Rem is a mountain/ultra runner who is passionate about the community and wants to bring an amazing experience to everyone.  He loves pulling out the maps, dreaming and designing new courses, and how we could improve on existing ones.  He loves the mountains and wants everyone to be able to come play in the terrain.  He strives to make the running community inclusive and focuses on being a good trail steward.