August 18-20, 2023
Waterville Valley, NH
100 Mile | 100K | 50 Mile


Snazzy buckles for all 100 mile finishers and yes…

we will have the DNF stickers again!

We are looking for volunteers!


  • 50 miler - 17k ft of gain
  • 100k - 20k ft of gain.
  • 100 miler - 32k ft of gain .

50m/100k course: Starts off with a a fun, 2400 ft climb in 2.4 miles up South Moat and you will traverse the ridge until you get to the Attitash Trail on the bottom of North Moat. From here you'll head towards Bear Notch going over Big Attitash and Table mountain.  You'll then work your way through Bartlett via the Barlett Experimental Forest and private land.  From here, you'll hop on 302 and head to the Mt Tremont trailhead. From here, you'll go up and over Mt Tremont and continuing down on Brunel Trail till you get to Rob Brook Rd. You'll follow this until you get to Sawyer Pond trail, You'll follow this all the way to Sawyer river trail.  This is where the 100k will do an out and back on Mt Carrigain and then the course continues to go through Hancock Notch Trail to the hairpin turn on the Kanc.  From here, you'll get to go on a very short section of road to get your climbing legs back and then up and over the Osceolas to Tripoli Rd.  Again, you'll get to stretch the legs for a mile before the last big climb of the course going up Mt Tecumseh.  After descending, you'll run to the town square at Waterville Valley on trails.

The 100 mile runners will do an out and back from Waterville Valley to South Moat trail head following the 50 mile course as an out and back for a total of 104 miles and 32,000 of climbing.

100 Mile Course Map

100K Course Map

50 Mile Course Map


Aid Station Cutoff times (*subject to change*)


Aid Station Segmant Distance Total Distance Segment Cutoff Time Cutoff Elapsed (Hours) Cutoff Time
Corcoran's Pond 0 0 0 8/18/23 7:00:AM
Osceola (1) 9 9 4 4 8/18/23 11:00:AM
Hancock Notch (1) 7 16 3.5 7.5 8/18/23 2:30:PM
Sawyer Pond (1) 7.5 23.5 4 11.5 8/18/23 6:30:PM
Bartlett Experimental Forest (1) 13.5 37 6.5 18 8/19/23 1:00:AM
South Moat (turnaround) 15.5 52.5 7.5 25.5 8/19/23 8:30:AM
Bartlett Experimental Forest (2) 15.5 68 7.5 33 8/19/23 4:00:PM
Sawyer Pond (2) 13.5 81.5 8 41 8/20/23 12:00:AM
Hancock Notch (2) 7.5 89 3.5 44.5 8/20/23 3:30:AM
Osceola (2) 7 96 4.5 49 8/20/23 8:00:AM
Corcoran's Pond 9 105 5 54 8/20/23 1:00:PM



100k Race
Aid Station Segmant Distance Total Distance Segment Cutoff Time Cutoff Elapsed (Hours) Cutoff Time
South Moat 0 0 0 0 8/19/23 7:00:AM
Bartlett Experimental Forest 15.5 15.5 7 7 8/19/23 2:00:PM
Sawyer Pond 13.5 29 6.5 13.5 8/19/23 8:30:PM
Sawyer Pond (2) 13.5 42.5 6 19.5 8/20/23 2:30:AM
Hancock Notch 7.5 50 3.5 23 8/20/23 6:00:AM
Osceola 7 57 3 26 8/20/23 9:00:AM
Corcoran's Pond 9 66 4 30 8/20/23 1:00:PM




Aid Station Segmant Distance Total Distance Segment Cutoff Time Cutoff Elapsed (Hours) Cutoff Time
South Moat 0 0 0 0 8/19/23 7:00:AM
Bartlett Experimental Forest 15.5 15.5 8 8 8/19/23 3:00:PM
Sawyer Pond 13.5 29 8 16 8/19/23 11:00:PM
Hancock Notch 7.5 36.5 4 20 8/20/23 3:00:AM
Osceola 7 43.5 5 25 8/20/23 8:00:AM
Corcoran's Pond 9 52.5 5 30 8/20/23 1:00:PM

Start Time:

The 100 mile race starts in Waterville Valley at 7am on August 18, 2023

The race starts at 7am from the South Moat Trailhead on Saturday August 19th, 2023 for the 50 mile and 100k runners.  You required to take the bus.

Bus Departure: The bus leaves Waterville Valley at 5am on Saturday the 19th

Bib Pickup: We will have BIB pickup the night before your race. night where you cannot get your BIB number unless you attend the mandatory safety meeting the night before.  There is not BIB pickup on race morning-no exceptions. If you do not come to the meeting you will not be allowed to race. We will be doing a second gear check Saturday morning. The meeting time and place will be in the Waterville Valley area and will be shared in your pre race email.

This is not an elementary race.  You will need to be comfortable following maps and GPS data which we will provide and you will be required to have uploaded to your watch/phone/GPS.  The course will be unmarked.  The signage is easy to follow but you will need to pay attention.

Due to the remote and rugged nature of this course you will need to have completed a 50 mile run within the past year or a similar mountain effort.  The 50 mile run should be one with significant elevation gain.  If you spend your days in the mountains the Pemi Loop, Kilkenny Traverse, ETC are all acceptable.  We want you to be familiar with long mountain days.

There will be a vetting process so you will have to provide proof of your run.  This is required by the USFS to ensure runners are capable of safely navigating the course.

There will be aid stations but also some long stretches without aid where you should be comfortable filtering water if necessary.  If it is a hot day you may need to filter water.

Familiarity with the White Mountains is also helpful but not required to run the race.



Crew: There is no crew.  You can have your crew sign up for a 6 hour shift at an aid station and they can help you that way.  Any crew found helping a runner unless they are working a volunteer shift will result in the runner being disqualified from the event.  Our permit does not allow any crew.


You can have pacers from Sawyer River Road to the finish.  You will not be allowed to leave cars so you will need to make arrangements to have your pacer dropped off. NO MULING ALLOWED

Drop Bags: All aid stations will allow drop bags

Mountain weather is subject to extreme changes and a large portion of the course over the mountain is fully exposed to the elements. Be responsible.  You will be DISQUALIFIED if you do not carry the mandatory gear listed below.

Gear list:

  • Minimum of 2 liters of water from the start and encouraged to take
    more at the aid stations
  • Water filter (ie Katahdin BeFree)
  • A minimum of 1000 calories
  • Trail map with course marked on it (this will be provided)
  • Emergency blanket
  • GPX file uploaded into GPS, Watch or Phone
  • Extra battery pack to charge phone/watch, etc
  • Cell Phone or other communication device to call for help
  • Headlight plus extra batteries.  Two headlamps if they are the rechargeable kind
  • Light Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Warm Hat
  • Compass or GPS (most watches and phones have a compass)
  • Neon safety vest with large reflective areas (for roads)
  • First Aid Kit (bandaids, ointment, etc.)

Possible additions to required gear (we may adjust based on weather forecast):

  • puffy jacket
  • hand warmers
  • winter hat and gloves
  • extra layers (tights and long sleeve)
  • buff


If you do not have the required gear you will not race.  This is a very serious undertaking and we don’t want you lost or dead.  There are ZERO exceptions for any of this.



We have reserved camping for this race and would recommend staying there



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2022 Results


  • We will have buckles for the 100 mile finishers and finisher awards for all runners.  There will still be DNF stickers for those who do not finish.


  • Being able to host a race of this caliper is special and requires runners to be respectful towards the USFS, other trail users, wildlife, nature, volunteers, etc.
  • We will not tolerate littering or being mean to other trail users or volunteers.  If caught being a poor trail steward or being rude to anyone (other runners, volunteers, trail users) you will be disqualified and banned from all White Mountain Endurance.
  • We strongly believe in Leave No Trace Ethics and being kind to others.

If you cancel your registration within 10 days of the race you can have 50% of your entry fee rolled over into a credit towards the 2024 race.  Absolutely no refunds or deferrals if the race is within ten days of your cancelling.

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