September 14th, 2024


Course: This course follows the  Kilkenny Ridge Trail from south pond to route 2 around 25 miles each way with approximately 7500 ft of gain for each direction.  This will not be a marked course as the signage is very good along the ridge trail.  We have a link to download the GPS track which you need to download to your phone and/or watch.  The trail is very well marked with signs so you will need to pay attention.  Please study maps before running the course.  We will have maps available at the BIB pickup.  For the 25 milers, you will start right at the bottom of route 2 and make your way to south pond. For the 50 mile runners you will running to the Jefferson Inn for the turnaround aid station.  We are not allowed to have an aid station at the trail head.  

This course is wild and wooly so expect it to feel very remote.  This is not an entry level course.

25 milers

50 milers

Qualifying: We require that you have finished a 20 mile challenging TRAIL race for the 25 miler or a 50k challenging TRAIL race in order to enter the 50 miler.

If you think you have special circumstances (pemi loop, presi traverse or other crazy mountain adventures) that would allow us to let you run without the qualifier, reach out to us and we’ll discuss it.

BIB PICKUP - Friday night from 5-8pm at South Pond.  If you need to make special arrangements please email us.

50 Miler

    • Start time: 5am and must be checked (gear check) in by 4:30am

25 Miler

    • Start time: 7:00am and must be checked (gear check) in by 6:30

Shuttle Information:  

    • There is a bus leaving from South Pond Recreational Area at 5:30 am.  You can get a ride to the start of the race but can NOT leave a vehicle there.  We will be starting off the Starr King trail at the beginning of the road.
    • We need to check you into the race at the start to make sure all starters are accounted for so that we are not looking for you if you did not make it to the start.  25 mile runners must be there by 6:30 for the briefing and check in.

Aid stations:  There is one unmanned water station on Star King (about 3 miles from route 2).  Please don’t waste the water as it will be limited.

    • Willard Notch is a backcountry aid station with limited food and water.  t is about 10 miles from Route 2 (the start for the 25 mile race) miles 15 and 35 for the 50 mile runners
    • Unknown Pond is a backcountry aid station with limited food and water.  It is about 19 miles from Route 2.  7 and 43 for the 50 mile runners
    • The 50 mile runners will have an aid station with the usual race food (chips, cookies, pretzels, etc), water and Tailwind.

Crew Access:  There is no crew access and nobody can meet you at the turnaround for the 50 mile race.  If you want to have them help you then ask them to sign up to work at one of the aid stations or the finish line.

You absolutely cannot have anyone crewing or spectating you at the Starr King Trailhead. If caught the USFS will take your picture and you will be disqualified as this violates our permit.

Pacers:  There are no pacers.

Drop Bags:  50 mile runners can bring drop bags Saturday morning.  Please keep them small and mark them clearly with your name and BIB number.  We will return them to the finish after 5pm

Drops and DNFs:  There is one place to drop and that is for the 50 mile runners.  You can drop at the turnaround.  f you drop at the backcountry aid station you will be waiting for several hours to get walked 3 miles out.  Do not just walk out because there is no cell service at the trail heads and you will be screwed.

Time Cutoffs -There is no negotiation on these times:

    • 25 mile racers have until 5am Sunday to finish.
    • 50 mile cutoffs: The turnaround Mile 25 (3pm)
    • Willard Notch:  (8pm )  you will need to wait for the volunteers to take you down)
    • Unknown Pond –  (12am) (you will need to wait for the volunteers to take you down)

Mountain weather is subject to extreme changes and this course is very remote and rugged.  You will be DISQUALIFIED if you do not carry the mandatory gear listed below and it will be checked upon bib pickup.

Gear list:

    • 2 liters of water
    • Minimum 500 calories of food
    • Windbreaker/rain shell
    • Headlamp with extra batteries
    • Course map with emergency numbers (this will be provided at bib pickup)2
    • Space blanket or emergency foil blanket
    • Winter Hat
    • Gloves
    • Water Filter

We will be hanging out at south pond recreation center, it is a beautiful spot in the north country and your family and friends are encouraged to hang out, enjoy the pond and wait for you to arrive.  There will be a fire during the night and some music.

Camping, Lodging, food and supplies: Nearby Gorham NH (30 minutes from the race start) Has numerous camping and lodging options plus food option and a Walmart  There won’t be any camping at the Start/finish area. Sorry.

Where to Stay:

Our recommended spots -

Percy Lodge and Campground 

Jefferson Inn

Closest Airports:


Manchester, NH

Portland, ME

Past Results


Jeff Sinon is our official race photographer



  • We are sorry but we cannot provide transfers, deferrals or add people once registration is closed.  There are no refunds given or deferrals given at any time so please be mindful of the rules when registering.



  • Do not litter, do not poop everywhere. Please be respectful of the field we are renting for the race and use the porto potties and not the woods. The future of the race depends on us being respectful! Please do not litter on the course or poop on the course, you will be disqualified.
  • We have a zero tolerance for littering or being mean to other trail users. If a hiker gets mad at you please take the ostrich approach and let them reach out to us to complain. We need to take the high road and show people that trail runners are good people! The aid station will be set up where you have to have the volunteers helping you get food and water. Please fill up with water here as the trip up and over the summit can take several hours and every year people don’t fill up at the aid station and end up in the medical tent at the finish line. Be nice to the volunteers as they are sacrificing their day to make your day nice

We are sorry but we cannot provide transfers, deferrals or add people once registration is closed. There are no refunds given or deferrals given at any time for any reason so please be mindful of the rules when registering.  By registering for this event you agree to these terms.  When a runner cannot attend we will donate the proceeds of your entry to the organization we donate to at the race you signed up for.  Do not ask for a refund or deferral because you will not receive one.

Thank you to:

Friends of the Cohos Trail